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  1. Some of the comments on these videos astonish me. It amazes me how many
    people feel that others have to believe and follow what they believe. Why
    can’t we let each other believe whatever they want? Buddhism appeal to me.
    Christianity appeals to you. I don’t think it is right to try to push
    religious beliefs on others. Let people decide for themselves what they
    want to believe and follow. 

  2. I need to look further in Buddhism. I have been an atheist for a long time,
    because i believe that every “God” out there is just a creation (delusion)
    of the human mind. I was born and raised a Christian, and the corruption i
    witnessed was unbelievable. This however is something different. Your
    happiness belongs to you. Human life has a lot of suffering. The cause of
    suffering is greed. There is an end to suffering.The way to end suffering
    is to follow the Middle Path. I like that idea :)

  3. people, let people believe what they want. you have your beliefs and other
    people have theirs. stop fighting over if Christianity or Buddhism is the
    best, because people aren’t going to change their beliefs because you
    commented,”Christianity is the best.”

  4. I like Buddhism because it lay down systematic path from our current state
    to the ultimate state of everlasting happiness. The way it explain is very
    reasonable and gives my a conviction that even i can reach ultimate state
    through path. Its not blind faith. Other religion like christianty is just
    blind faith with no reasonable explanations. 

  5. It does not matter if you of different religions try to convert us even
    with mean words or all caps quotes we do not even understand and don’t wish
    We will only calmly disregard your comment with peace and do what Buddha
    intended for individuals who follow his teachings to do: be happy and not
    be tempted by anger, or we will in turn become a person defined by fury.
    We don’t change only be mere comments, and if one Buddhist does, that is
    But persuasion is meaningless to people who are completely content with
    their lives already from what they have experience their whole entirety
    before different opinions appeared to them.

  6. Fellow buddhist please refrain from engaging in any debate with others,
    whether or not buddhism is the path , we know it best from ourselves, let
    them curse us, let them hate us, it only reveals more about thmeselves. 

  7. I usually don’t comment on these rubbish comments but it seems that
    everyone who’s against Buddhism has got the wrong idea. I as a Buddhism
    myself and all my years of praying, Christians, Muslims or any other
    religion have their own beliefs. And here yet we have people debating over
    which religion is better or constantly saying false information in our
    Buddhism. Yes, there are many types of Buddhism. I, as a Tibetan Buddhism,
    we have deities(gods) we pray to, as well as Buddha. so do not say
    “Buddhists don’t believe in god” false information. Also those who still
    believe theirs is the best religion, we, Buddhists, simply wants peace,
    love and care for all human beings. We pray for the good and wellness of
    others before our-self, we are simply Buddhist. No hate is needed, think
    about yourself before you comment.

  8. Upeka – You ask what is Budfdhism. My understanding is that Buddhisam is
    an institution, an academic institution to reach the state of Buddhahood.
    Buddha is derived from th Sanskrit word,’ Bddhi’ meaning wisdom or
    enlightenment. A person who understands the ‘Chathurarya Sathya’ As MUCH AS
    passing the O/level, A/level, University degree and a doctorate –
    Sakurdagami, Arahat and the Buddhahood. What modern science does is prove
    what Buddhas had conceived.Therefore, could Einstein and Bertrand Russel be
    considered Buddhas.

  9. If there is no God in Buddhism, who’s the one that determine where our soul
    will be rebirth? For example, i may be a serial killer, then i die. Then if
    i wish to be rebirth in human flesh or refuse to rebirth at all, who can
    stop me?

    No offense, i’m asking honest question.

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